Monday, July 14, 2008


It's somewhat cooler and clear air out this morning, even though my chest still hurts from all the smoke air. We're hoping to go to the Cresent City show next month, but currently both highways are closed to a forestfire there.... quite sad. The redwoods are some of the best trees and they're going up in flames right now.

I got out to the barn and took some pictures! Not an extensive photo shoot, dont have time for that as I have to make it into town today, but just some quick ones!
Stitch catchin a drink after runnin around :)
Stitch enjoying the 4 x 10 run I made. It's pretty bunny proof and I will be adding some 'bunny' things to it soon.
I finally got a picture of Keepsake... which was hard because he wanted love so much he was soo hard to keep still! What a cutie! LHHR's Lela kindled 9 of 10 kits for Amy a few days ago to him... and our own Easy Summer Breeze is due to him early August.
Part of the 6 crew of MAD and Buster... all which look just like them... all showable too... I can't believe it! They are now weaned and MAD is relaxing and going to get a major grooming session here, she has to be ready for fair ;)

LHHR's Secret Score's litter to LHHR's Lil Hollister. There are 2 bkn chestnut, 2 chestnut and it looks like 2 steel. We will be keeping a doe to replace SS and Hollister will leave the end of August.

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