Friday, July 11, 2008

Almost done!

We are nearly done with the barn... it was much nicer out there today. The four are back in their cages, I seperated the Klara/Sour Cream crew into 2 cages (the 2 that are going to Vanessa) and the 3 that are still waiting to be sold. I then weaned MAD's litter and put them in one of the big cages. There are 4 bucks and 2 does. The doe I had my eye on is now in her fugly stage, so we will grow them out until late-august.

Secret Score kindled on the 9th. She had 9 babies, 6 of which are living now. 1 DOA and 2 fader/peanuts died this afternoon. I'm sure the heat didn't help but it happens. There are 2 brokens and 4 solids. She is being a good first time mom.

We are going to make a run in the back of the barn. Now that we have some extra space we figure why not. It will give the juniors a chance to stretch their legs. We have 4 more litters coming, so there will be plenty of little ones in the barn!

I've thought about going to Nevada to be with Mike. I could easily get a job on the ranch, either out on the fields or with the cattle. I'm still not fully decided yet.... I have a lot of stuff to do here at home and not sure if I can afford the time loss.

Hoping to get some pics here soon... I know I havent gotten pics of Kokomo or MAD's litters and they are getting so big!

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