Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Notes

Went to the river yesterday... which I forgot how fun it was just to hangout. We were happy to see Hellgate in good business... 8 tour boats went by in the short time we were there.

This morning I met with Krynn from Fresno. She is taking the two VM juniors up to Vanessa in Wilsonville. I hope those two do good for her. I still have three of the BEW project juniors left. Thought I had them sold yesterday, but oh well. Im not strapped for cage space by any means, but I just dont like feeding rabbits that I dont need to be. :)

I then had a lady come over and pick out a pet... she got one of the bkn jr bucks from MAD and Buster. So there is 1 doe left (that I'm keeping) and 3 bucks.

Score's babies are doing good. Of the 6 there are 2 steel, 1 chestnut, 1 chinchilla, 1 bkn chestnut and 1 bkn black or seal? I'm really not sure what color that one is yet.

I also gave Pride, Habanero and Dignified their boxes, I almost forgot! I'm short of a nestbox so I hope Scores babies are ready to come out of the box by the end of next week so I can clean it and get it ready for Easy Summer, who is due on the 3rd.

Feed prices went up... $12.45 for a #50 of the "ok" stuff. I cant even imagine what my show feed is right now. I still have a quarter of a barrel of the show feed left so I dont think I will need to buy it for a while. I'm only feeding it to a few rabbits that I want to keep in condition for my last shows.

I'm not sure if I have anything else to report.... The rabbits enjoy the run I made for them. I plan to let the 4 MAD juniors out in it tonight. I tried it out on the smart seniors first to make sure it was bunny proof :) hee he...

I will have litter updates in the next few days.

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