Monday, June 9, 2008

Newport Pictures :)

Boomerang relaxing after a long weekend
Historic Nye Beach
Yaquina Head Lighthouse (yes, up at the very top, 200 ft!)
About half-way up, looking down - not for the weak ;)
The oil/work rooms connected to the lighthouse
Don't let it fool you, it is 200 ft tall!
Roger presenting Carl Hanhart, Julie Forestler (Karyn Fegles recieving) and Jackie Alu plaques for being inducted into the OLRCB Hall of Fame
Just before sunset
Roger "claims" he was getting fur out of his mouth, but we all know he was really picking his nose ;)
Roger "helping" Randy judge those darn AFL"s. Doug Frantz and Muriel Keyes were also of help :)
Boomerang in the A show ready to rumble!
The cranky queen, Easy Summer
The other queen, Maid Dignified
She was challenging me to a fight here.... showin me what she's got ;)
The Newport Bridge (there is more, but this is the tallest part)
The ocean between the bushes :)
A construction site left by some kids that visted just before me

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Qadoshyah said...

The pictures are great, Lana! I also read your other post . . .sounds like a great weekend! Congrats on the placings.

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