Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's final!

Was actually final last Sunday, but for various reasons I haven't shared my news yet!

Braving the gas prices, yet again, I am going to Washington State Convention this weekend! Call me crazy or insane for first going, but second driving a truck instead of an economical car. But there are just so many rabbits we are taking (showing 4) several going presold, some will be for sale and some does we are taking along just to breed. After convention, I will be spending a week in Corvallis, so theres lots of luggage and other things I need, which is why we are taking the truck.

I am showing Boomerang, Summer, Maid Dignified and Exclusive Getaway. I would like to see how they do in bigger competition, knowing that last years WA St. Conv. brought over 100 competative ML's.

I am bringing Pacific Pride and Habanero to be bred. I will determine later if I want to breed Easy Summer and Maid Dignified, to retire them into motherhood. It would be the logical choice, since I'm only going to one more show and thats at the end of August.

Texas Fortune (blue chinchilla jr. doe) and MBB (bkn blue jr. doe) are being dropped off to the Higbee's to go to Utah to live with Tanner of Bradbury's Bunny Barn.

5 rabbits (Klara, Sour Cream, Taco Man, KI, and SCI) are being dropped off to Kathie Simmons to make their long adventure to San Diego, CA. They will arrive around July 14th. There are now 3 new states with Vienna Mini Lops!

4 Vienna juniors are coming for sale. I dont know how much interest I will get with them, but I'd still like to bring them....

Im just excited to get to a show that I've never gone to, yet heard a lot about.

Posting from my laptop now, and have intentions to bring it along, posting pictures and updates asap since it will be awhile before I will be back home. :) lots of pics, I promise ;)

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