Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keepsake / Washington State Convention Pictures / Thunderstorms ?

Yesteray evening as I got home, we had a huge Thunder & Lightning storm.... but along with it came HUGE winds.... we sustained minor roof damage (shingles missing and our chimney is... well in need of repair due to a flying table umbrella). I have never experienced anything like it before. Some forest fires were started, which is causing major smoke air... cannot see the mountains around us. We hope they are put out soon!
This picture is WAY zoomed in, top of Rainier that you could barely see through the clouds
The moutains around Clear Lake on White Pass
One *very* small section of the show room. I was sitting down across from Lisa Davis & Becky Jone's Mini Lops. Robin Gamroths French Lops are parked there on the floor
Not sure what mountain range this is... but from my hotel at night.... way zoomed in.... they were so beautiful!
Ellensburg as you came out of the desert... lol
I always thought my dad was joking about this... but the windows say "Eat more Fries -- They give me Gas"
We have a new bunny in the barn!

Welcoming Stormie Haven's Keepsake, a Bkn Chocolate Chestnut Sr. Buck :) He dates back to LHHR's Afleet Alex (GC Bkn Black buck). He's from Stormie Haven's Arctic Storm (Bkn Chocolate GT Steel) and RD's Nutbrown Hare (Reg. Chestnut). Where I was too exhausted to get pictures this evening, I will soon! For now I will post a picture of him from his breeder.

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