Monday, June 16, 2008

Kokomo's litter

I don't have pics, but Kokomo has 2 Chinchillas, 1 Blue Chin (neck is staying silver) and 2 Frosted Pearls :) All are uniform & fat. We will keep the best doe in the litter. We haven't had frosted pearls in a long time, so we're leaning towards those.... but keeping type first, we'll see what we have in a few weeks!

MAD's babies are all the same color and simlar in markings, so distinguishing one from the other is really hard. But we think we have a doe picked out for ourselves, we have to go through the other does in the next couple of days and pick one out for Tanner. There are also a couple promising bucks, I'd like to see them go to show homes if at all possible.

I have to get my rear in gear and start packing tomorrow, regardless. Thursday will be spent in town and Friday morning we are leaving. Which leaves just 2 days to pack for being gone for 2 weeks. :)

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