Saturday, June 28, 2008

And you want me to sleep when?

Last Thursday, my cousin brought over 3 Mini Rex to be transported to WA State Convention. I had spent the day getting ready and by the time that evening came around I had everything ready and in place to go for the morning.

Headed out around 8 AM, smooth driving and trip up... the truck actually got 20 MPG from Grants Pass to Brooks (just outside of Portland). Got on 205 to stay out of Portland and head for The dalles, over to 97 and on up to Ellensburg. LONG trip I might add..... 8 - 9 hours, only stopping twice, once for gas and once to run/stretch! I got there though, early enough to set up the rabbits.... after finding a place in the back corner of the showroom. Just as I was headed over to the Judges Conference, Roger showed up. If I hadn't so much to do after WSC, carpooling would have been a logical solution for breeders who are only a half hour or less from each other. :)

Judges Conference was neat. Chuck Pelham from MI did a presentation, along with a breeder from Iowa, Mike Ritter on Netherlands and Armando Cabrera on Hollands. I had to leave at the break; I was very sad to miss Eric Stewarts presenation on Mini Rex fur.

Not convinced I got a whole lotta sleep Friday night, but I functioned on Saturday which was nice. Vanessa introduced me to the Hill family and I found all the breeders I needed to meet up with for transporting rabbits... although I waited till that evening to do so.

Mini Lops weren't first up, but they were right after Satins with 113 entered! Wholy Moly! I'm not even sure how mine placed, about mid-class I do know. Crazy mingling occured during judging, which could account for not remembering my placements! I then brought in my cage I brought for breeding, I got Landen and let him settle in, while I decided to breed Pacific Pride and Habanero to him. Habanero was easier, Pacfic Pride I think got bred, although I really was distracted for the most part. Whatever happens, happens. I then met up with Helen to drop off the Mini Rex, the Higbee's to drop off Tanner's four rabbits, and Kathie, to drop of the 5 for Amy.

Sunday, I was unbelieveably tired but I managed to make it to the showroom a bit early. I learned that I hate birds, and that McDonalds coffee sucks. Ugh. Mini Lops were up..... placements a bit better than yesterday, but not much to mention. I think Maid Dignified was 5th or 6th... I only remembered her because I had to wait around for her to get off the table... lol. I receieved a nasty bite from her the day before (which is scarring now). She wanted to be bred very badly, hence, I used Ashton, and that didn't take very long. Easy Summer was a different story, she didn't want to be touched (which she was wayyyy ready after OSC so maybe I missed it), but I will breed her to one of the boys here at home. I returned Ashton and fed/watered my rabbits and cleaned my carriers a bit as they were going home with that person who's running for Dist. 1 Director again (seriously, don't vote for him....) Drove to my sisters house in Chehalis and visited with my nieces. The couch was uncomfortable.... getting roughly about 4 hours of sleep. I have some pictures from that weekend, will download and post later.

7 AM I left for Corvallis. Around 7:25 I woke Amy up and we met off the freeway and I picked up Keepsake (more info to come soon!). I then proceeded through minor Portland traffic...pretty flowy but slow for I-5. Arrived in Corvallis around 11 AM. I checked in and went and dropped my bags off. Meeting at 1, got my advising appointment to register for this fall's classes. Went smooth. I got a hotel and stayed the night because the following morning I had to report for 4-H OSU Summer Conference. I was selected as a finalist for the Oregon delegation.

Summer Conference, I checked in -- stayed in Buxton, part of the quad. I knew my roomates but after I packed up I went to the bookstore to get a book I need for summer homework. When I returned my roomate had arrived. We chatted and almost missed the welcoming meeting at 3 pm. We then had a bunch of random games after dinner, county meetings and lights out came around sooner or later. I actually got some sleep, which was nice.
Thursday, we had classes all day. I was signed up for OSU Events, Building Leadership, Discover Wildlife and Vet School Tour -- random, and the first three I didn't even sign up for. After classes was the pool party. There while I was waiting for my roomates to finish up in Dixon Rec, another START session was happening where I met up with some of my friends who were also registering. Got to bed around 1:30 and woke up at 5... you do the math.

My Congress interviews were promptly at 8 am. There I was with 24 other individuals who had been selected as finalists (out of 50 who applied). There was money for 17 people, but they wanted to take an even 12. To relieve stress, we played games and had pictures taken. My first interview went very well -- I was happy when I walked out because I knew it felt good :)
My second interview, didn't go so well -- the harder interview with the questions you dont expect... but I made the best of it... and even if I had horrible feelings going back down stairs that I had ruined my chances I still came back into the room we were in with a smile and continued playing games.

Went back to the dorms, got re-dressed and went to lunch. After my Vet School Tour we had 2 hours of community service. I signed up for work at Avery Park. It was very hot, and sneezy as you had to get friendly with the plants to dead-head them. Dinner was very relaxing after a long three days! After Dinner there was a dance, bowling and billards.

Woke up, breakfast was in the lounge but I was so nervous I couldn't eat. So I got some of my things ready, got dressed and we walked to Reser Stadium. There, where we were just supposed to get our picture taken outside, the conference committe decided to take a tour. We walked up the stairs through the main building and out the holes to come halfway up the staduium, and to proceed all the way to the top. Having gone to football games before, it wasnt anything new for me but the cardio workout was nice. We then went all the way down and onto the turf for a picture with Benny (the Beaver) -- back up halfway, and back out. We then went on over to the Alumni center for our recgonition brunch. I got scattered from my roomates but I found other kids from my county to chat with while I waited for my turn to go in. I sat with two of the interviewers and kids I loved getting to know.... good times.

Us state ambassadors were signed out, as I'm almost 19 I can't be in 4-H anymore... lol. New members were inducted and then the State Leadership award was given out to friend Brett, who unmistakenly deserved the award. He's going to Atlanta as part of the design committee team.

Then it was time for National Congress Trip winners. As they named off names, I began counting how many were up there and how many spots left. I was so busy counting I almost didn't hear my name called.... I'm going! Along with other members I know will make the times great :) We leave on Thanksgiving morning out of Portland, straight into Atlanta, Georgia. We'll be there for 5 days, and I should only miss one day of classes? I'll have to check my calendar to make sure. Either way, I know I will have a lot of fun and I was so happy that I got picked!

We then had freetime -- dont have to be out of here till the morning (now today) as I finish writing this. The only time I could even touch my laptop.... I'm going to meet up with my friend and roomate Aimee for breakfast and head on home. That's my story in a blog. I will have pictures from WSC and more info on Keepsake to come soon!

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