Friday, May 23, 2008

3rd time's a charm

LHHR's Mist At Dawn (*GC 4 legs) had kindled 2 DOA litters (9 and 11 each) and we were rather dissapointed by the 2nd time. After her 2nd DOA litter, we promptly re-bred her to LHHR's Buster Blue , our broken blue buck who was 11th in Michigan! She had 8 babies last week, 7 living. They are all broken blues, who look JUST like mommy and daddy! Now that they are healthy and fat, almost ready to open their eyes, we are proud to announce her success :) She has been getting treats every evening because this is extra nice for us to have a live litter from her.

LHHR's Down in Kokomo *GC 3 legs, 1 BIS is due June 9th to LHHR's Mr. Miami *GC 6 legs. We are hoping to get a nice replacement doe from this litter :)

We will be breeding LHHR's Secret Score *1 leg to LHHR's Lil' Hollister *GC 6 legs after Oregon State Convention. She is getting on the larger side, so despite her nice type and the probability that she would have granded, we are going to go ahead and breed her to replace both her and Hollister.

We will also be breeding the rest of our does in June.

Oregon State Convention entries are coming due soon (the 28th!) Not sure who we will enter as solid junior does... we have 3 of them all different ages.... not sure if we should enter one, two, or all three. Eitherway they are all very nice, just at different stages of development.

I would like to say that LHHR's Lela (Stitch x Cloey) won her 4th leg for BOSV, and LHHR's Oopsie Daisy (Bridget x Drizzt) won her 1st leg for best solid jr doe at Canby!

I know I haven't blogged much. Been very busy, but hopefully in a week or so we'll all be better and get some updates done :P

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