Saturday, March 8, 2008


Sorry for my lack of blogging.... I have a lot to report, just haven't had the time.

10 bunnies left in the last 2 days. 9 left for their new homes in N. Oregon and S. Washington yesterday. 5 of them were babies, but 4 were seniors.

I sold a young buck to a girl from CA today. We possibly got 2 does bred to him before he left. He was looking very nice, but we'll take a baby from him. On the 23rd we bred Klara and SourCream today, but we put SourCream back in with him today and he got her this time for sure. Now just hope she takes.

There are just 7 babies left from the January litters. 3 which we are keeping (HHD Chestnut Doe, RMM Bkn Opal Doe, LGER Opal doe). The Bkn Opal from Renee and the Bkn Chestnut from Gigi will leave next weekend, which leaves us with one chestnut & one bkn chestnut bucks available. Honey and Gigi are also ready to go now that they have weaned their litters.

Bridget kindled to 3 kits... I am drawing a blank on their DOB, but they are about 2 weeks I think now. I checked them today and there is 2 bucks and 1 doe. So, we will keep the doe because we have no need for bucks at this time.

Lela can be due from March 5th to March 15th, since Teri did a live-in breeding with her.

We are back to using 21 cages on one wall. We really haven't advertised our sale cages, but we plan on selling them soon. That way we will be forced to keep an even smaller rabbitry.

Picked up 100 lbs of feed today. I was amazed to see how much it had gone up, but then again gas is 3.44 / gallon in southern Oregon!

Pear Blossom's entries are due soon. I have an idea of who I will show but I have to keep it limited. I am the registrar for the day and I have been asked to clerk/ramrod for one of the busier judges. Pear Blossom is always a show to keep you on your toes, for sure. At any rate, will bring 4-5 to show, and about 4 to sell. :)

My horse is losing her furry winter coat. She always looks adorable this time of year :) I have to make an appointment for my dog Chopper, time for him to get his check up/shots. I can't believe that pup is already 3!

School is getting to me, I will be very happy for spring break :)

I will get some updates done on the website tonite.

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