Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Leap!

Just when the ugly BEW project starts to bring me down, two new litters bring me back up, with promises for the future of BEW's with type. Yes, you must be laughing by now, a BEW with type.... I'm not talking BIS winning type, just something "respectable" of the breed.

FD's Klara kindled 5 of 5 kits this morning. 4 are chestnut, but 1 is a Vienna Marked chestnut!

LHHR's SourCream, kindled 7 of 7 kits! 5 are Vienna Marked and 2 solid, all chestnut.

Both are sired by LHHR's One Hot Innovation. Not proven on the show table, but certainly a buck with outstanding type features. We hope his strong genetics take over on this litter.

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