Saturday, March 15, 2008

Minus 5 more

Gigi left for Kennewick, WA yesterday. Nicole Velotta is getting her thanks to Roger's generous transporting skills :) Gigi left bred to her son, Mr. Miami.
Friday Honey and a chestnut Jr. buck left, they went to Ryann Rarick of central Oregon.

Today, the bkn opal from Renee and the bkn chesnut from Gigi left as pets for a family in Ashland.

Bridget will leave next weekend from Pear Blossom thanks to Teri. She'll be picked up at Stockton. There at Pear Blossom we will only have one animal for sale, a bkn chestnut buck from Gigi and Exclusively Roman. [He looks very nice!]

Lela's babies are an array of colors, although I'm not sure what they are yet. I will be sure to post pictures next weekend after the show and then I will know :)

We need names for some of our juniors.... :) A Bkn Opal doe, Opal doe, Chestnut doe & another Chestnut doe.

We're considering going to a show in April, so we will most likely have some animals available there.

Those are about all the updates I can think of for now. Pictured above is LHHR's Lil Gigi. She gave us 4 awesome litters and we have kept 4 kids, 2 GC's, a BIS winner and a young doe who just needs her senior leg to grand.

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