Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pear Blossom Report

This post here is to say how you can never be fully prepared to start a show season.

After waking up a little late, I managed to make it to Central Point on time by driving well over the speed limit. I had intentions of getting to the show at 7 am (to get a good spot!) but my mistake left me getting there at 7:45 or later.

Being lucky, I walked right in and found a spot next to some familiar Mini Lops owned by Lacey/Stacey Jackson. I actually recognized Swimmer from quite a distance, which goes to show how much I miss the dude.

I didn't even get a chance to breathe before they called Mini Lops. They were with Roger, so I could see where my morning was going. :) First class, Boomerang won 1st and he later went on to win BOSB! I am not sure how my other rabbits did. I do know Swimmer took 2nd in a very large class and Plank Hero, the orange, was amazingly not the first rabbit off the rabbit off the table of agoutis. I continued clerking all of A with Roger, including English Spots, Florida Whites, Silver Marten, Palominos, New Zealands and Californians. It's really nice to clerk for a judge your really comfortable with, just makes the job 10x easier. I then, registered a couple of rabbits. I managed to mingle with a couple of breeders while "resting".

No sooner or later while I was registering other rabbits, did the Mini Lops come up on Melissa's table. I did find myself clerking again for the millions of Mini's that came up on the table. The only rabbits I remembered were Summer, who was 3rd, Maid Dignified who was an amazing 2nd in a large class! and Swimmer, who was again 2nd in the large class. I found my neighbors Ed & Jackie who where saddened to see that I had sold out of Satins. I dropped off Bridget to Teri, got my carry cage back from Roger and then loaded up the rabbits. I watched Allen judge for a while, registered a few more rabbits and found myself getting out of the show room before 5 pm.

Came home, unloaded the rabbits, watered/fed everyone. I was dissapointed to see my feed had gone up to $15.50 a bag!!!!!! oh my gosh! I hadn't bought my show feed since October, and it was 12.95 then.

SourCream is nesting! Klara has no activity..... I think I will replace Exclusively Roman with his opal daughter from Gigi. She wasn't into the posing today, but I think she'll come out all right. we'll see.

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