Thursday, March 27, 2008


So, with my neice and nephew in tow, I decided to do a "mini-barn clean" today.

I woke up pretty early, had my morning coffee and proceeded out to the barn. I dumped all the trays and removed all the other manure. Elijah played with the juniors until they were exhausted and ready to go back into their cage. I put a wire contraption over their J-feeder because they were digging their feed out, which with it being $16 a bag now, I cannot afford to have it be wasted! Hopefully they will get used to eating this way, I'm pretty sure it irritates them for now though.

I did head counts on my litters. I'm pretty sure all of Lela's babies are bucks, but since I've already sold Hollywood and Lela leaving in May, I need to keep one. Not to mention do they look pretty nice. I especially have my eye on the Smoke pearl and Smoke pearl chin bucks!

Klara still has her 5, the Vienna marked standing out in the litter.

SourCream is doing an amazing job with her 7! Age-wise, she was a little young to be bred, but she was 6 lbs already so I made a mistake when throwing her in with One Hot Innovation.

Since my boyfriend is terribly sick with the flu [the one going around in S. Oregon], I helped my brother in-law put up a couple gates for the lower pasture. We have to move the horses this spring so we are starting on it now.

I cleaned all my carriers, and found a new spot for them. Went and got another 100 lbs of feed..... cleaned some cages.... sorted through equipment/cages I want to sell..... Cleaned my coop cups and decided I needed to re-order waterbottles. We rarely use them on our carriers but I have this weird obsession to want to have a "set" for my 15 carriers.

I started filling in the ditch where the auto-water will result from. Pipes and electrical are in although not hooked up. We have our order ready for KW, just have to call it in tomorrow.

I was supposed to be going to a Leadership conference in Polk county tomorrow but I'm not sure if I feel up to it. I would have to take the kids with me since my sister doesn't get back until Sunday afternoon.

At any rate, we groomed all the rabbits and I did some evaluating of the herd. I decided I can let a couple more rabbits go, even though I really don't want to. :(

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