Thursday, March 20, 2008


I'll be home around 11:45 tomorrow after my morning my morning final. I am meeting up with a family getting a junior buck. I also have to get my carriers down and prepare for my first show of 2008! FINALLY HERE! We will be taking 6 rabbits, 1 pre-sold {Bridget}, and we are shoing 5.

Pear Blossom Show List:
  • LHHR's Boomerang - SSB - 3 junior legs
  • RD's Plank Hero - SJB [unshown]
  • LHHR's Easy Summer Breeze - SSD - 1 jr. leg (BOB of 70) and 17th SJD 07' Convention
  • LHHR's Exclusively Roman - BSB
  • LHHR's Maid Dignified - 2 junior legs

Short but sweet. Boomerang is coming off a molt, but still looks very nice. Plank Hero is loosing that nasty junior coat of his [in a neat manner though] Not the fur I'm used to in ML's, but I'm hoping it will improve some after his senior coat comes in. Summer is a lil rusty on her ears, lacking in her crown [wishing I could have transplanted her sister's head on her body] but in very good fur condition. Roman is not in the best coat or flesh but being very picky there. Maid Dignified just looks as best as ever. She was BOV and 1st of Class at Red Bluff where the judges raved about her. :)

At the show I am the registrar... made sure I ordered a couple extra sets of blanks, since everyone has rabbits to register after the long show withdrawls. I have also been asked to clerk/ramrod for the busier judges, which if you have ever done that all day long that is a chore itself (but a vital key in keeping breeds and judging go along smoothy). I will then also be showing my rabbits, and trying to converse with breeders I haven't seen all winter!

If I have good results I will post saturday night, otherwise I will be taking a long nap in my bed that misses me!

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