Sunday, March 9, 2008

All in a day's work :)

This morning I was blessed with 5 healthy kits from "Lela" our opal doe from Stitch and Cloey. She was bred to Hollywood Dun It, being this is only his 2nd litter and his 1st litter we didn't keep anything from, we are especially looking forward to this litter. There are 3 dilute, and 2 black something-or-others.
Figured out our Pear Blossom entry, although we won't name names because I don't want them molting! ugh. One is coming off a molt, but the others look good. I think they molted though this winter so they should last a good while.
We also, and get this, FINALLY started on the ditch for the automatic water! My boyfriend broke the escavator in Portland on a job about a month ago so I had to do this one by hand. 65 feet 8 inches deep! But the piping will go in while I am gone and we should have water running (no hoses involved) to the rabbit barn soon! So I will go pull out my KW magazine again and figure out what I need! :)
Until later... for now I am posting a picture of my favorite doe MAD taking a snooze. She follows in the footsteps of her Grandma, Milkhouse's Jaws, photo of Lisa Davis at Milkhouse Lops Rabbitry. [we also used to have a pic of Mad's mom Sugar, taking a snooze... i'll try to find it] We are very fortunate to have recieved such nice animals from Lisa :) Can't thank you enough.

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