Saturday, March 15, 2008

Avoiding "No-No's"

I have always had visions of breeding LHHR's MAD to LHHR's Buster Blue. If you are not aware, they are both lightly marked broken blues... spotted patterns to be exact. They have similar lineage, but they both have the same faults!

So when all "rabbit rules" tell you not to cross animals with an overlapping fault, and you do it anyways what happens? See what are the results? Good, bad or a mixture in between?

The thing is, with rabbits you are limitless to what you can expect. Even colors can pop up several generations later regardless if it may show up on the pedigree. You can breed two awesome rabbits together and get crap. You can breed to not-so-decent rabbits together and get real nice rabbits. That's what's fun about rabbits... it's never ending and there's always someting to work for :)

MAD was bred to Buster today. We're hoping to move Buster on but keep a nice doe from the litter.

Klara is coming up with a litter due next Sunday. Sour Cream "could" be due then as well, but we really think she took for the 8th.

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