Friday, February 15, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well it seems like the weeks are just flying by.... I am home for the weekend, for many reasons.

This evening I picked up 4 rabbits from Teri. She was forced to sell out of the Mini's due to unavoidable circumstances, however we decided to take back 2 of them and the other 2 we had already a potential buyer.

So, LHHR's BP2 (Velotta's Boomer x LHHR's Peppercini) Chinchilla Sr. Buck 3 junior legs in CA shows. Despite a little lack of condition he doesn't look half bad. LHHR's CVR (Velotta's ReCurring Vision x Milkhouse's Cloey) Opal Sr. Doe, *GC pending 2 junior & 1 Sr. leg came back as well. She is hopefully bred to LHHR's Hollywood Dun It, a buck that also came back to us. I had to move a couple rabbits around and use some cages we haven't used in a while. But we made it work.

If all goes well, LHHR's Hollywood Dun It, LHHR's Lil Gigi, LHHR's RW4 & Velotta's Renee will all head up north the beginning of March. We have holds on our other 2 does & 2 babies as well. Renee will be replaced with a bkn opal doe (w/milk-dipped ears). I haven't looked, but I'm almost positive she's the only doe in the litter. Gigi will be replaced with a doe from her litter. We have our eye on 3 of them, 2 of which we know are does. Honey's babies, we haven't paid much attention to (a litter of 7 solid chesnuts is somewhat.... boring) But we will be keeping the best doe.

So that leaves us with 2 bucks for sale.... I want to get rid of them asap because I need to get those "back-up" cages free and open again.

The Rabbit Rally will not go on this year. I really was late in thinking of it, which I would just be too stressed to pull it off anyways... especially around finals.

The hay is pretty much 1/2 way gone. I swear it was just yesterday when Mike had surprised me by having the hay stacked in the barn when I came home... but wow! We will have to get hay earlier this summer... ugh

Klara didn't kindle. 2nd time now....2 different bucks. We will try her with OHI since we want to move him on anyways. Bridget is due next week! Yay!

The two bunnies I got from Rebecca are settling in. I considered showing them since they are the ONLY juniors I will have this spring, but I don't know how colored bunnies will handle the competition down here. So most likely I will just have a show string of younger seniors.

Tomorrow I am going to a memorial/party. Not sure really what to call it, but in my boyfriend's grandparent's last wishes were for no one to mourn, but to celebrate and be happy. Each of them were older and had lived great lives... and knowing them pretty well I miss them!

Sunday will be spent cleaning the rabbit barn and looking at all the rabbits! I will try to get updated pictures/info but I won't guarntee anything... Monday I will be home working on homework....aka back to life in the fast lane.

I may put up some updates tomorrow. :)

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Anonymous said...

Note Teri got those legs in open shows :) & we have tough competition down here... I'm so sad she is leaving the breed :(