Monday, February 4, 2008


I came here to do a minor update and decided to post a blog......

Took a day to fully clean the barn.... amongst that was cleaning all trays while it was snowing out and very cold. I can say it was quite painful afterwards. Nest boxes were cleaned and boy, do we have some cute babies!

Honey has 7 babies, all chestnuts. We will keep only one, the best DOE. Honey will then be replaced. Renee has 5 babies. A blue buck, a bkn opal buck (lacking nose markings) a bkn opal doe (with milk-tipped ears...... most likely the one we are keeping!) a chestnut buck and a opal buck I think. Renee will then be replaced. Bridget is due on 2/19 and if all goes well, she and Drizzt will be replaced. Gigi has 7 babies... 2 bkn black steel, 2 bkn chestnut, 1 opal, 1 chinchilla and 1 blue silver tipped steel doe (which we will most likely keep) We are considering keeping Gigi around for another litter. If not we will be completely satisfied with 4 awesome kids from her! She has been one awesome doe for us and I am very sad to move her on!
Klara is due 2/12 to Stitch. She is looking very motherly.

We got the bunnies from Marie. My cousin's cream doe was cute, but the lynx doe and orange buck we got were too cute! They are small, but since they will be our ONLY juniors for this spring, we may take them to Pear Blossom, who knows really.

Speaking of Pear Blossom.... With under 2 months left, I tried composing a possible show list. The list has gotten so short lately it's unbelievable.

Back to life. Will try to post more updates soon.

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