Saturday, May 9, 2009

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

We'll start with the good news first, since I have less of that...

Headed into week 7! With only 3 left, its hard to believe.... but easy to believe it does not slow down from here :( In the next couple of weeks, I have midterms, exams and finals. We have steers left to send, projects to plan and jobs to obtain. I am loving my livestock judging class, the weather is great and I got my computer fixed! Had a 4-H show today at the fairgrounds... the kids did great :)
The rest of my weekend is filled with papers to finish (or start...ha ha!) and an officer position application. I also have other homework to do and I still need to make my advising appointments! So I'll try to keep my post short.

My bad news is my lack of a summer -- I turned down the job I wanted because I wanted convention juniors more (and I can get a decent local job too)... so I went ahead and bred 10 does for convention.... When I went to go pay my rent deposit for this fall [we expected a September move in] they told us the yearly leases ran from August 1st to July 31st... We need an apartment, this is really our only option and I'm not going to pay for an apartment and not live in it for 2 months.... so I had to rearrange my plans. I'm home for a whopping FIVE weeks. :( I will barely get to see my juniors at 8 weeks old. Talk about hard culling as it is... So I leave July 22nd and hopefully, will get to come home a few weekends to look at my stock! On the brighter side, I have 3 does due in a couple of days... Mia, Maddelyn & Hera!

The new website is completely updated, including the sales page and the does pages, which show the does we will have available pending sucessful litters. Check it out!

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