Friday, May 29, 2009

Round 2 edited :)

Kassidy has 5/5 babies!
Kendall has 8/8 babies!
Chestnut has 1/11 babies [fostered to Kassidy]
Ellie Mae has 5/5 babies!
Hades has 4/4 babies!
Obnoxious has 7/7 babies!
Maid Dignified has 5/5 babies!

Plus Mia's 8/8 and Maddelyn's 5/5, we are at....

48 live babies, and a litter of 10 DOA (Which was MY fault, not the doe's)

100% live except for that... I think I see a pattern :)

I consider that pretty darned good - I am SO happy right now! I am very ready for the increased head count.

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