Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long Week

It's been a long week -- had an exam last week and two midterms this week. Lucikly I did well, made it through and get to relax this weekend! On Wednesday I interviewed for a Steer A Year position and I was elected Public Relations officer. After my judging for 3 hours, [after class & a chem lab] I had my chemistry midterm on Thursday evening, I left for home. I brought Roxy home, since these next couple of weeks will be hectic.

The rabbits look great! I am so happy. My two litters consist of 5 broken blacks (4 showable), and a litter of 8. 2 are Chocolate Chestnuts, have 2 Broken Chestnuts & 4 solid Chestnuts. Mia and Maddelyn are doing a great job! It looks like all of the does I bred took! They will get their nestboxes tomorrow. I will post updates as each one kindles, though I wont be able to see them until June 8th.

My feed is working excellent on them. I have 6 animals I am so excited to show! I will also have a few to bring to Newport to sell... I need the cage space so I hope to part with them. I make out my entry here soon... I'm taking Theodore, Titan, Taylor, Mason, Dominic and Last Minute. I considered showing Waffles but I dont think she has enough substance to top a class so I'm just going to leave her home.

Newport here we come! It will be great to relax for my monday Finals!

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