Monday, May 25, 2009

Here we go!

I just placed nest boxes in 7 of my does cages. They are due in a couple of days....the barn will be FULL

LHHR's/Velotta's Ellie Mae x Velotta's Twitch
Sieber's Obnoxious x Velotta's Twitch
LHHR's Kendall x LHHR's Boomerang
LHHR's Maid Dignified x Velotta's Danger
LHHR's Kassidy x LHHR's Kenai (could get BEW's!)
LHHR's/Velotta's Hades x Velotta's Twitch
LHHR's Chestnut x Velotta's Danger? or Twitch? or LHHR's Titan? <-- yes that is bad

LHHR's/Velotta's Hera is due in a month to LHHR's Dominic

If SS4 doesn't sell in a couple of weeks she will be bred. MTR's Cris and Velotta's Kristie are coming home from state convention, will breed them soon after.

These are all of my breedings for San Diego, I will be back down to 15 holesbefore that.... its something called "critical culling" and "much selling", aka I hate keeping a working herd in college. Wish all my does luck. Only two of the 7 have kindled before so I am uber excited to see what I get!

I will post updates as I get them, I am headed back up to school later today.

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