Friday, May 22, 2009

Home for the weekend

Chestnut Jr/Sr Doe
Regretfully, for sale. I will be breeding her if she doesnt sell at Newport....
Theodore.... is growing up!
Last Minute.... a beautiful decision.
Taylor -- love her!
Mason - has had an incredible first few shows, and has proven himself with a litter of 8 by Mia. He carries chocolate.... He will be a great show/herdsire!
Dominic - has had a great first showing. Bred him to Hera today for a June litter. He may be for sale in the future... we'll decide after the State conventions.
Titan - has grown up so much in the last couple of weeks. He and Theodore amaze me!
Waffles... A baby I've never gotten much chance to see... shes growing by leaps and bounds!
Maddelyn's litter of 5 broken blacks, 4 are showable w/1 having no nose markings :( Carry Chocolate and Dilute!
Mia's litter of 8... 2 Chocolate Chestnuts, 2 Broken Chestnuts, 4 Chestnuts
Mia passed out... 8 is a lot to take care of... :)

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