Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A long post, sorry in advance!

To be entirely honest, my Thanksgiving break was fully deserved and I was *very* thankful for it. I hit traffic on my way home, but I was able to roll in around 4 or 5 pm. I missed my rabbits, very much. Along with my dog, my mare and well.... my family!

I have 3 juniors waiting to go to Red Bluff. I am just going to throw them in a raffle, because I lost my cull buyer. And about that, after 3 long years with this person I am very depressed to have lost who has kept me in the business these past few years. Without culling, my herd can not go on. I don't have the space to keep up with breeders who push 75-100 rabbits (or even 50 for that matter!). I have culled hard and heavy these past couple of years, setting up a keep-cull system unique to me. I've improved my herd immensly. As far as other cull-outlets, I don't know of anyone in my area to buy my excess stock :(

I have 15 rabbits. And where that sounds minimal, family problems have arisen and the ability for my parents or even other people to keep up with the livestock is just not happening. Furthermore, my show year, well I'm even embarassed to talk about it, but other than Nationals placements, I haven't done anything on the showtable. I've granded some rabbits and earned some legs, but recently the shows have been all about selling/'aka' giving away rabbits and chatting with friends. I love the social aspect of it, and it makes me happy to see my stock or my stock's offspring go off and win, but I like to win here and there too. Don't get me wrong, that may sound whiney, but going from an A+ year to like a C average is well, dissapointing.

The rabbits have outproduced themselves, having very close to 100% survival rate on a good number of babies for 2009. (and I don't have that exact number but its somewhat like 75 or 80).

So when you look at my last year of raising rabbits, it's not fun to look at. It doesn't make me feel too good either. I have considered selling out. And where I haven't made any "final" decisions yet, I don't have any reason to still be in rabbits, except that I love the hobby.

I have, considered the mere factor of getting down to 10 Mini Lops (hardly anything to work with) and getting back into the Satins full swing. I have a perfect cull outlet for them, and it's a great one. They pretty much pay for themselves and I don't mind showing those guys, the people are just as friendly there.

We'll see. First, I have to get through dead week, my weekend trip, 4 finals, my trip to the East Coast, and then, I will think more about the rabbits.

In the meantime, the website is fully updated with new pictures & info :) I have 6-7 animals to sell, and I would like to sell them before Frozen Friends. I'll even drive there if I can sell them all.... :)
Pictured above first is Kitsemble's Melinda, a doe I adore and will be retiring soon. She is older and doesn't deserve to make another move after her long trip here.
Second is LHHR's/Velotta's Brianna - a junior/senior doe which, well her picture says it all ;) Lets just say I should have sent her to San Diego.

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