Sunday, December 6, 2009


As I write this, it is FINALS week :) I am very excited for this week, particularly because it means it's the end of a term. I am not very worried about my finals, I have done good in my courses to where I have minimal studying/reviewing to do. I'm very happy about that.

Next term I am currently signed up for 17 credits but I need to take 18. So either one of those will be an animal science upper-division credit or I will take a physical activity course. At that point I will be half-way done with my undergrad! So hard to believe!

Last week rolled into a great weekend! I and a handful of friends headed over to Bend, Oregon for the Oregon Cattlemen's Quarterly Convention and I had some great times, learned a LOT and made some great contacts with BIG name people! We have a great opprotunity for an industry tour the 3rd weekend in January to visit a lot of neat places, and the best part is it's free! The last weekend in January, I am going to San Antonio, Texas!

Relating to rabbits, I was able to send one up to WA and 3 are headed to CA this weekend. That leaves me at 14, but still too many. I need to sell 3 or 4 more for my parents to be happy. Currently they are battling the "frozen tundra syndrome" where it has been getting obnoxiously cold throughout all of Oregon. It's sad when I'm leaving for Michigan this Friday and the weather will be warmer there than it is here!!!

So in the midst of packing, and getting the house ready for all of our absences, I will study... later. Too much left to do!

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