Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Finals --> Michigan --> Washington --> HOME!

Finals came & went. I did very well & raised my cumulitive GPA. Next term I am taking 18 credits.... wish me luck!

I left for Michigan on Thursday. During my visit I met some new family members and visited with my aunts, uncles and my grandma. On Saturday, I visited Michigan State University. It was the highlight of my trip. I must admit, the campus is bigger/nicer and their Agriculture Department.... boy oh boy I am SO jealous! Great set-ups, barns and there was even a Beef show going on when I was there. I got to visit it! I am in LOVE, and wishing I could go there. We'll see, it might be something I bring up to my advisor in my next meeting with him. Out of state tuition is pretty expensive, but I imagine myself looking into it further.

I got back on Tuesday, and then I drove to central Washington to visit my sister, brother in law & two neices! I even go to go to my neice's school play. It was very nice to spend the day with them. Driving home in the dark, pouring rain was not fun; I think I hydro-planed more than I was actually on pavement, but I made it home safe & sound. I am glad the weather has warmed back up into the upper 40's and low 50's. It makes it a lot more comfortable here.

I had to go on campus today and do some work for Steer A Year. I am feeding later this week and will be headed home either Saturday night (if the weather is good) or Sunday morning. I am excited to go home and see my bunnies!

I am down to 14. I need to cut a few more, I can't make a cull run until I get a carrier back, but hopefully I will be able to be down to 10 or less by the new year. We'll see.

Flight & Hotel booked for San Antonio! I am not too excited to be flying again, but I am excited for NCBA!

I might post some updates next week, if I have any.... until then.... Happy Holidays!

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