Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bring on Week 9

The school year has got the best of me. Life has been stressful. I have been trucking through, but entirely too exhausted as come Friday.

Saturday I went to a rabbit show in Albany, OR -- the Fall Warren. It's a double open with a bunch of specialities. I missed entirely too much of it, having to do my dairy milking on Friday evening and had to register for classes on Saturday morning, so I didn't arrive there until around 11 am. I did however, catch up with friends, and manage to find a couple quality animals for my 4-H'ers to start them off right! Thank you Mike Misner & Abby/Jeena Corliss! I skipped the 4H banquet to work on homework, which it was worth it as I got about half of it done. :)

This morning, my roomates woke up bright an early, and headed on our "Term Getaway Trip". We headed north to Tillamook, and visted the Tillamook Cheese Factory! We also visted the Blue Heron Cheese Factory and then headed toward Lincoln City. We stopped in Depoe Bay for some *amazing* wave photographs. I have been getting some tips from photographers and took some awesome photographs! We then traveled south to Newport. We rolled into the Yaquina Head Lighthouse at 4:52 and ran ip 181 stairs to catch some photos and get a cardio workout ;) We then watched the sun go down, and travel 53 miles in thick fog back to Corvallis.

Most of our calves have arrived... just a few drop off's left. We're headed over to Bend after thanksgiving to give our presenation. Also that week is the Civil War. OSU vs U of O... if we win, we go to the Rose Bowl! So pretty excited for that.

I go home Wednesday morning. I am entirely too excited. To see my family... and my bunnies.

I will be doing some culling, and possibly some breedings. We'll see. At any rate, I'll have lots of updates!

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