Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 5 and counting

Week 5 is here and almost gone. The time has flown.

I had an interview last Wednesday for an internship.... and I found out yesterday that I recieved it! I am pretty excited, and this will be a great experience for me!

Tuesday I had a presentation and a midterm, but they both went well. My cattle classes that night went well too! Even though I have less credits this term, I am more involved. Next term I will be back up to 18.... but only 14 of those "actually count" so I will be working, busy with extra-curricular activties and keeping my GPA up!

Friday morning the rabbits leave for San Diego. I did mark the cages so my parents knew which ones to send.

I won't get to see my rabbits for another 3 weeks. I'm going to make a trip south to pick up 3 rabbits to show at the Fall Warren show, I'd rather have someone transport them but I'm afraid I won't find that.

For now.... LHHR's Rylee, our only colored rabbit in the barn is looking pretty impressive for a future brood doe. We have completely updated the website with most current information and pictures.

Velotta's Kristie is due on the 9th to LHHR's Titan!


Keep said...

OMG that's a hottie bunny!

Lana said...

Thanks, she's just brood stock.

Missy said...

Hey do you know of any good rabbit hutch designs that could be kept outside. I raise pieons and we keep some of our birds in rabbit hutches.


RRJ said...

Thank you, I just visit, see your rabbit.