Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ups and Downs

I was adding up convention costs yesterday, trying to tie up transportation ends, when my transporter tells me she has no record of my confirmation e-mail.... I lost my convention transport. So I scrambled and found someone else, more expensive but just as good. Thanks Scott!

I'm not going to send ANY rabbits to show at convention. period. And I'm not going either. So now I have a $350 ticket in lingo... what to do with it.

This year has been pretty hard on me, I've been to a few shows and failed them all (I have not gotten a BOB all year), which is the first time in like, hell along time (5 or 6 yrs or more). I did pretty well at Nationals, so I bred 10 does for Convention, so all of those babies were non-purposeful since I'm not going now. The offspring I did get was amazing, so I don't regret that.

I haven't been able to sell rabbits. Period. I've culled more than I like to JUST because I can't sell. I realize culling IS essential, but not when it means dead-ending animals just because the economy blows (which is what I have blamed it on).

I don't have the money to invest in shows, when they are not beneficial finacially anymore. And I'm not in it for the money, DO NOT get me wrong, but I am a college student, and I have LOTS of bills to pay!

I have, considered, the possibility of selling out.

I cried last night for a few hours until my roomates came home, because it was very hard to consider. I have come SO far these past few years, creating a good line, having great rabbits and a hobby I truly enjoy! I became a registar because I eventually wanted to become a judge, and still do have that goal but maybe just not right now.

I have tried the herd reduction thing, and still... just not working. Granted I did manage to sell a couple for Convention... seniors too, but it still is just not enough. I will be updating my for sale page either today or tomorrow, visit it, and e-mail me if interested. Prices not as important as finding them good homes.


Olivia said...

hi I'm from NJ and am having the exact same problems you are ( i have bought dutch from sarah cleavenger which is how i got linked to your site) but anyway after reading your blog i thought i would send you a message. there is NO pet market here at all. even the fairs are not selling rabbits. so i went from having 5 good markets to having none. for the last 6 months i have been doing nothing but meat sales, which here have surprisingly went up ( 3.00 a lbs) so i wouldn't give up. I know it hard trust me, i lost half of my herd last year to enteritis or a bag of bad feed and still managed to get going again, i have been at this for 6 years and am yet to win a BOB. you will get there!

Lana said...

It is hard to go from being very successful to nothing. It makes sales even harder even if the economy does pick up.

Sara has great Dutch! Did you have them shipped?