Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting over it

I'm slowly getting over the fact of my absence at Convention. It hit me hard, but luckily I was able to get over it before midterms came.

The end of week 3 is tomorrow, I have 2 classes and then I am rushing home. I have a *lot* of stuff to do at home, most importantly getting my wisdom teeth pulled... I let them go too long. I really didn't want an appointment this soon, but oh well.

I also need to cull some juniors and evaluate my older juniors. I am considering showing a few at Fall Warren. I could pick them up on Friday and bring them home on Wednesday.... I just don't know if I want three more rabbits in the house! We'll see how they look.

Obnoxious is due a couple days after I return, so I will give her a bigger cage and build up a good box for her.

I might be breeding my BEW pair if they are mature enough. I haven't seen them in ages so I really don't know how far they've come, but they are 'old enough'.

I will spend a few hours getting my older seniors ready for their long trip down to San Diego. I want them to arrive in Arizona in good condition so they can be bred right away for their new owner.

I have to change my plane ticket. I guess I'm going to Michigan in December after finals. It's the only thing I can think of to do with my ticket.

I will have lots of PICTURES to post when I get back... I am excited to get to see my bunnies!

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Keep said...

Awww, I hate you couldn't make it to Convention :(. It's such a disappointment when things just don't work out.