Monday, June 29, 2009

They're here!!!

After much waiting, worrying and anticipating, Kristie and Melinda are here! I first want to thank Sara Kitsemble and Nicole Velotta for letting me purchase these beautiful does, they will certainly be loved! I would also like to thank Anna Dapper in transporting Melinda and my local breeder friends Diana & Karen in bringing them home.

Kitsemble's Melinda - a GC Broken Chestnut doe that is just BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, I would show you but I am letting her relax after her cross country journey :)

Velotta's Kristie - a GC Chestnut doe that has produced many very fine offspring! She did her job in producing both Matty and Twitch. She placed 2nd at Wa St Convention this weekend after having litters (can you say wow!)
Now that they are here, I won't be purchasing any bunnies for quite the while, I have made the necessary herd improvements for this year adding in does that will help aid in areas that I lack or need improvement in. Not to mention, I just couldn't turn this opprotunity down :D

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nvelotta said...

I'm glad they made it there safe and sound! Looks like Kristie is happy and relaxing :) Can't wait to show her junior doe from her last litter, shes going to be a star too!