Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

WOW is all I can say, I can't even remember the last time I blogged.

Oregon State Convention went well for the most part. I was particularly stressed out before, during and after. [thats another story in itself about San Diego]. Got to Newport around 5 on Friday, judges conference started at 7 and of course, I was first. That lasted till about 10 and we headed to the cottage in the dark. We stayed with some wonderful friends near the beach and it couldn't have been better.

Got up early on Saturday... Got to the show, helped McKenna off with royalty and started up Mini Lops in the A show under Roger. Went very well. Found my rabbit from Tracy, very beautiful doe. Thanks to all the people involved help getting her here! Show B didn't go so well.... oh well! The banquet was very nice :) We have two Oregon teams going to San Diego.

Sunday was rough start. I stayed up very late studying for finals. Show C was alright, Titan won his granding leg, and that will probably be all of his showing since I wont get any until the fall!!! I stuck around for a while because I wasn't ready to go back and study, but I had to leave eventually so I stuck around for BIS.

BIS A: English Spot, Kelly Rooke -- RIS: American
BIS B: Rhinelander, Lorena Ferchaud -- RIS: Florida White, Karyn Fegles/Diana Mortensen
BIS C: Checkered Giant, Terisa & Jeff Sibernagel -- RIS: Silver Marten, Larry & Sharon Webb?

That was Newport. Monday, was finals. They went well, better to be expected actually!!! Now that I have my grades, I did better than I thought. Still waiting on one... it should come in soon. I got to head home around 6:30.

My babies, I examined around 11 pm. Here is the run down:

Maddy x Chocolate (5)
1 Bkn Black Doe – DQ
2 Bkn Black Bucks
2 Bkn Black Does – Keep 1
Mia x Mason (8)
4 Chestnut (2 bucks, 2 does)
2 Bkn Chestnut Bucks
2 Chocolate Chestnut (Doe & ?)
Kendall x Boomerang (7/8)
1 Chinchilla
2 Bkn Chinchilla
1 Chestnut
3 Bkn Chestnut
Ellie x Twitch (6)
1 Bkn Black
1 Chestnut
3 Bkn Chestnut
1 Bkn Sable Chinchilla
Obnoxious x Twitch (7)
1 Bkn Sable Chinchilla
2 GT Steels
4 Bkn GT Steels
Dignified x Danger (4)
2 Bkn Chinchilla
2 Bkn Chestnut
Hades x Twitch (4)
2 Chestnut
1 Bkn Chestnut
1 Bkn Sable Chinchilla
Kassidy x Kenai (5)
4 Chestnut – Vienna Marked
1 Blue Eyed White Doe [KEEP]
Chestnut x Danger (1)
Bkn Seal?

I am very excited for all of the babies! On the 9th I bred Cris to Chocolate, and Chestnut to Theodore. Hera's due date is coming up soon, she is due to Dominic.

Coming home from Washington State Convention are Velotta's Kristie and Kitsemble's Melinda. Melinda is in Minnesota right now, so I hope she is traveling well, and that everything runs smoothly. They will be bred when they get home. I also have 3 other does that need to be bred, but we'll see how it goes.

On Wednesday, I hooked up 9 more holes to the auto water. All my current rabbits are on one wall now. Will be working on the other side of the barn in the weeks to come. Purchased 500 lbs of rabbit feed, guess that goes to show how well its working for us. I really am confused how it can work well on one side of the country, and not the other. Or just variances from breeder, but I know a few handful who are still on it and everything is going very well.

What else? Oh I need to sell like 4 rabbits for Ellensburg. I'm actually willing to give some of them away because I dont want to have to work to sell them ;)

I'll work on the website tonight when I can't work outside. :D

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