Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Washington State Convention / Hera kindles :)

Originally I had plans of attending Washington State Convention... but it's a long drive, and it just about killed me last year. Not to mention, it's hotter this year, so I don't think it would be right on the bunnies. Furthermore, my "seniors" are lacking maturity, so I have decided to send my rabbits with a friend and save my money for San Diego.

I never did mention my San Diego dilemma. Basically, I found out very last minute I had to take a course this fall, and I just can't afford to miss a week of school. So I called it off... but I'm still riding on an expensive ticket. So I'm thinking about paying for the changes and only going for 3 days... We'll see yet. Even missing 3 days will be difficult. College sucks sometimes :(

So, on Friday I am sending up 8 rabbits pre-sold. That should help me with holes since 4 of them are seniors and 4 juniors I didn't have to cull. On the return, I am bringing home 2 bunnies (yes I am insane) but you just cant turn down good deals ;) I am getting a Chestnut Sr. Doe from Nicole who has produced many very many nice offspring. I am also.... getting a Bkn Chestnut Sr. Doe from Sara Kitsemble!! I am not going to talk about the details until I have my hands on her myself, but she is coming all the way from Wisconsin on Friday, and I cant thank the people involved enough for doing this... wow!

In the meantime, I have been sorting through TONS of VERY nice babies! I weaned Mia & Maddelyn's litters. I also gave Kassidy's litter to Dignified, and I gave Kendall's litter to Ellie Mae. The babies are old enough where they're not really nursing anymore, eating feed, just need a mom for a couple more weeks. I tried splitting the litters with other does, but Obnoxious was simply obnoxious and Hades wanted nothing with other babies.

Hera kindled to 3 kits today, two agouti's and one presumably a Steel. Small litter, but all live and very healthy. We don't need anymore large litters with all the little ones we have already!!!

That's all I have for now. I will post updates next Sunday or Monday :D

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