Sunday, June 14, 2009

Convention Juniors

The Junior classes are where its at when it comes to big shows... your fresh stock thats well fleshed, muscled and ripe for their classes; it's no wonder people breed specificially for them. My Mini Lop National junior breedings turned out well, and I planned equally for this fall as well. Everyone was right on time and kindled well. I have had such good litter success and I don't know what to pin it on... just luck I suppose.

I have 9 litters right now, 1 of them will be too old for the junior class. 2 were bred specifically for color. 2 of them just arent going to throw those massive mature juniors. I know that from their lines.

That leaves me with 4 litters to sift through. Ellie Mae, Obnoxious and Hades, were all bred to Twitch, and my Dignified x Danger litter. Both Dignified and Hades each have 3 bucks, and 1 doe or ? in their litter. *cloes eyes, though they look very promising* I suppose I'll throw out my older bucks and replace them with the young blood.

Obnoxious's litter was too underdeveloped to tell sexes yet. Furthermore, they are the oddest creatures I've had in a long time. I am not going to let that get to me, I am hoping it was a good cross. I dont see why a Velotta/Desurra/Sieber cross wouldn't work out...

Ellie has about half and half on bucks and does. They are pretty cute and she is doing such a good job.

Total: (of the above)
only 5 solids..... all bucks
lots of brokens to sift through :)

In the next few weeks, I will be sorting through babies like crazy :D There will be plenty of updates, and lots and lots of pictures!

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