Thursday, April 26, 2012

West Coast Classic -- take 2

This year was our 2nd year to attend the WCC personally. I was asked to judge last year and knowing I would be there for the MLRCA national, I gladly accepted the bid.

I left Corvallis on Thursday afternoon. I picked up a transport rabbit on the way, and two when I got home. That night I cleaned all my carriers and loaded the 10 rabbits (3 transport, 3 showing, 2 sold and 2 for sale) into my car.

Friday morning I left around 8:30 am. It is a 6 hour drive, about 2 of it being on I-5 and about 4 off the beaten path. I nearly died once on highway 89, but after readjusting the carriers everything was just fine. I got into Reno about 2:45pm, where it was very, very hot. I quickly got the rabbits unloaded into the cool show room.

I cooped my 3 Mini Lops and found a spot out in the general show room to keep my bunnies. Paid my dues and got ready for the Friday night specialty.
Remington was a NP, which was to be expected. (I'm not sure how Houdini did in any of the shows.)
Friday night Bell Pepper was 3rd jr doe, loosing out to Chris DeSurra's does. Not too shabby for the 4 month old. Judge was Joe Lugo.

Jill got in about 8pm and helped her unload. Got into our hotel room and was in bed before midnight.

Saturday I was given the show line up of Thriantas (O/Y), Flemish Giant (90 Open), Palominos (60 Open) and the Angora Specialty (55 for 3 breeds). It was a nice opportunity to judge the FG's, with such high numbers and the BOB being a very, very nice Fawn doe. My main goal accomplished here was proper handling. To flip nearly a hundred 13-14lb animals of muscle, is no easy task. Thankfully I got them 2nd show and they were rather well mannered.

After a long day of judging, I quickly re-dressed for the MLRCA banquet. It was not held at the Grand Sierra casino & resort and rather at a restaurant roof top (which was kinda neat!). I had only ever been to 1 banquet before in 09, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. I landed myself between Briony and Johnny and across from Brian, Val and Heidi. I manged to laugh uncontrollably and shared a lot of good stories. The auction was fun, and it was there I found out Bell Pepper placed 7th in the SJD's.

Sunday was a bit more of the draggin feet. I was given Holland Lops (O/Y), American (O/Y), Lilac, Beveren, Youth Fuzzy Lops and the Lionhead specialty. Holland Lops were fun, I managed to pick Becky/Allan Ormond's rabbits for BOB/BOSB. They were some very nice rabbits.Tambria Lugo did a great job of keeping rabbits going up and off the table so it went by a lot quicker than I imagined!!!   A nice youth breeder won BOB/BOSB and another variety win for youth. Lilacs were fun, the breeders thanked me for my good handling skills. The Beveran were small in numbers but pretty good American numbers. Youth Fuzzy Lops a very nice group of kids who had great rabbits! and the Lionhead people got their animals to the table, clerked well and had a pretty solid set of animals to represent.

After I was finished I loaded some things to my car, was loading up some animals when Randy asked me to judge Youth Best in Show for C. I've only had a few honors of judging BIS as a new judge but Judy Rosnik and I both agreed on the Himalayan and the Havana. I then loaded  my cooped rabbits and off I was!

Met up with Jill and Kathyrn in Susanville. They had stopped for gas and dinner and we drove the 4 hours of the boonies/highway 89 together. Nearly hit a deer. Once we got on I-5 I moved out to get home. Coming up Siskyou summit I nearly ate it from a semi-truck, so stopped in Ashland to get my bearings back. Drove the rest of the hour home and got home just before midnight. Not bad!!!

What I'm happy with: The show venue was excellent. Big, breathable, good temperature. Spacious enough for everyone. High numbers, great judges. GREAT show crew. Not a doubt they were the best. A good bed to sleep on. I met a lot of Mini Lop people from Michigan, South Carolina, Kansas and Missouri. I met a lot of great breeders at the tables exhibiting their rabbits! The MLRCA banquet... unforgettable. My rabbits -- my junior doe did good, that's all that mattered.

Not so happy: I didn't sell either of the 2 I took down there, so they traveled for nothing. The drive, it was long and scary. The weather, it was hot in Reno!!! Other than that -- everything was excellent!  It's in Reno again next year, so we'll know later this year if we can make it again. Perhaps next year we can go just for fun!

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