Monday, April 9, 2012

Pear Blossom Rabbit Breeders Assc.

Was very enjoyable to attend this show.

I ended up selling more than I had planned -- and only have 2 seniors left for sale currently!!

No sales on the equipment, perhaps another day.

I did have wins with my Silver Marten, Pretty Woman won BOB in both shows. My Mini Lop Jr Doe won 1st & BOSV in show B under Ted D. Nicole kicked butt in show A, winning with Cherie, and Bob won with a Tomato sister as Opp. In B Nicole won with Scorch and Silas. It was nice to see breeders I started last year, win a 6th leg on a Houdini sister, and a 5th leg on a Guido sister. Also started up a youth with a good pair and it was nice to see the smile on his face. Good to see the future in Mini Lops is still bright!

Just making plans for Reno :) Hope to enter about 3.

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