Monday, April 2, 2012


I had to read the last blog post to decide how much has gone on since last posting!

First rabbit show of the year (for me) is this weekend, April 7th. It's my second home show, the Pear Blossom Rabbit Breeders Assc. I entered 4 rabbits, will show a few others, and will focus primarily on selling my rabbits and equipment.

Sunday I culled 8, and with this weekends show, I have 5-6 pre-sold, with lots going for sale. It will be a huge break if I can sell half of what I'm bringing.

On the 29th I bred Rylee to Sergio, a breeding I have been waiting a long time to do. The other 2 does will be bred sometime this month. One probably next week, and the other will likely be after WCC if we decide to show her.

Next show after this weekend is WCC. I might show a couple for kicks, since I am going. I will bring lots to sell. It will be a long drive, but it should be worth it. I haven't been to WCC since it's 2nd year in Monterey, in 2009!
We've had some good luck at the WCC shows, in 2009 LHHR's Theodore won BOSV in the Day After Nationals Mini Lop show. In 2010 LHHR's Rylee won Best in Show! Last year we just sent pre-sold stock. So who know's what 2012 will bring :)

While I was on spring break I groomed everyone, clipped toenails and tattooed everyone who needed one. I cleaned a bunch of cages! I put in new bark shavings for the floor and kept the barn from our spring flood. We seriously got so much rain that I was ready to leave at the end! Equipment was cleaned and inventoried, carriers were scrubbed & bleached and ready to go. Cages were reorganized and we have so much room available!

Spring term started today! My last first day of school, atleast as an undergraduate. I have heard back from all of my schools, I was accepted to three of them. I am still pulling out for New Mexico State University, but we shall see. Whatever happens, will happen for a reason. I will have an answer in 2-4 weeks. :/

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