Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Say one thing; do another

August 1st I posted on my website that I would pre-sell & hold 6 animals for Convention. When I put up more than 6 animals for sale, I should have known what would occur.

First and foremost, I sell on a first come-first serve basis. Whoever puts the $ down first gets the rabbit. Tragedies happen, people don't get the rabbits they want. And when you sell good rabbits, a dozen people want them. It's always a hard task determining who sent you an e-mail first and who's actually serious about purchasing the rabbit.

I've sold 10 for Convention, and holding 2 more in the meantime. I've officially put my foot down; decided to keep the remaining Jr buck who didn't sell. (I'm really not devastated about that, Sergio is a nice junior! :))

All juniors have been photographed and all cages labeled. Got to get the barn "mom-ready", which means bringing in feed & hay and stacking & organizing my equipment that is now scattered all over the barn. With the current break in weather, I will take advantage of it and get that done today :)

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