Monday, August 8, 2011


Well, of 4 bred does -- 2 missed, 1 had 1 large DOA kit, and Tomato (the doe I was worried about), kindled her 2nd litter, 7 of 8 babies. Her first litter/kit of 1 of 7 babies, had to be fostered because her milk never let down. This time it appears to be different, as she is feeding them so far. Tomato's babies are sired by Sneakin, and type wise, we think it was very complementary. Lineage wise, we'll see if they cross well. :)

So I have 3 open does now, and 2 juniors that turned senior that I have no intentions on showing for a total of 5 does that need to be bred pending cage space and numbers. We have currently decided to put them on hold for a while, or may end up parting with them for convention. We'll see with time.

Speaking of Convention. I can't attend this year -- I have my research project plus in an advanced repro class, so it's simply out of the question. I will hold and send up to 6 rabbits through the transporter I used last year. E-mail me for more details, or my website will be updated soon.

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