Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home is where the heart is

According to my Google Chrome "auto-type-in, I've already had the topic title "Home is where the heart is" but it is fitting, yet again.

After a week in Corvallis, I couldn't handle it much longer so I prematurely submitted my research, packed up some stuff, grabbed my rabbits at the barn and headed home on Monday afternoon. This might prove to be difficult when school rolls around and I can't stand to be around the city that I live in!

The truth is -- nothing compares to home & no college student should ever underestimate it's comfort. FAMILY, friends, good home-cooked meals, plenty of chores, beautiful landscape, peace and clean air will never amaze me. After a week of staying up late and sleeping all morning, Tuesday's 6:30 alarm was ever painful. But it's pain lasted a mere minute.

At home I can work on research, ride my horses, scoop manure, play with dozens of rabbits, adventure with family and friends, read a book in the sun and play frisbee with my dog for hours. Home does have it's disadvantages as well. Atop daily chores arise limited internet access and no cell phone service. When you go months on end with these luxuries, being "out in the middle of no where" is somewhat discouraging.

It's nice being home. On the rabbit side of things, the Martens settled in well in their new cages. Since I moved up there, I haven't had all my rabbits home at once, but then again I haven't been home for an extended period of time. I have 2 open cages. Hopefully next week I'll open up 3 and in September I should open up 2 or 3 more. The more holes I open up, the more juniors I can keep.

When I mention empty holes, I also have 4 does due tomorrow and I bred one this morning.

What's an empty hole? ;)

It feels good to be home!!!

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