Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waiting for babies!

What's always rough about college and keeping a herd is the continual "blindness". It's literally very hard to have a herd in two locations.

Thought my does were overdue and/or missed, but I looked at my calendar and we still have a few days :)

Nemo x Hank Tank
Linebred cross. Should be a thick, consistent litter. This is Nemo's 2nd attempt at a litter.

Wall E x Sesame
Outcross. Aiming for tons of width with good head/crown.

Tomato x Hank Tank
Linebred. Typewise they match up. Could be a little too line-bred; could be positive or negative.

Hillary x Zeus
Outcross. Just did this breeding for typey color!

Maddy x PM3 (Silver Marten)
Linebred. Hoping she took; young buck so no guarantees.

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