Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oregon State Convention - Day 1 & 2

Friday afternoon I packed up my rabbits, plus some Dutch and such and headed on down to Albany for the OR State Convention. I easily found a spot by friends and was able to relax before the Judges conference. I've been to many judges conferences, this wasn't the best one I've been to, but certainly a good one!! :) It was also my first official conference as a judge!

This morning started off well under Cathy S. She did Mini Lops first. I didn't have any entered but supported Nicole who brought down some excellent rabbits! Twitch won BOB!
Next were Silver Martens. Bacardi was BOSB!

A VERY deserving award was given out to Tom & Muriel Keyes just before BIS A, they are now Hall of Famer's. Tom is a great judge (esp with the youth!), and Muriel! Bless her heart all the work she has done with the Forestler fund and getting kids sent to Convention every year!

Show B started, Martens first this time under Allen Barr. He seemed to be a more structural judge and gave my juniors the benefit of the doubt even though their prime coats aren't there yet!
Bacardi won BOSB & Del Rio won BOB!
Mini Lops up under Cliff Dick & Twitch won BOB again!

I didn't attend the banquet this year. Feel bad, just too much going on and needed to get home. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! :)

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