Thursday, June 23, 2011

RIP Del Rio

LHHR's Del Rio
Del Rio was the 2nd best doe out of the Maddy x Badger triplets. She was never shown until Oregon State Convention, Zinfandel had finish breaks and I decided to scratch her and enter Del Rio day of show. She won 1st in the A show, under Cathy S, Best of Breed in the B show under Allen Barr, and Best of Breed in the C show under Tracy Gouette. I had her entered as a Senior doe for WA State and had high hopes for her doing just as well.

Life happens. I've haven't lost an animal that I adored in a long time and it has taken me a bit to get over DR's passing. However; she was submitted to science and taken to the vet hospital for necropsy.

I am down to just 4 Silver Martens :( Hopefully Maddy was re-bred.

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mary smith said...

How sad!!!
I am sorry about you lossing your very cute bunny!!!!
I hope you are able to find another one that you like just as much!!!!