Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Rabbits?

Yes, the bottom line of a breeder is continual genetic advancement. Even when you have a good, well-established line, you are forced to add in an animal here or there. With a small herd, this happens often, as it's easy to have many animals closely related to one another.

Last weekend I picked up Velotta's Lincoln from Nicole. He was a buck I've always liked the looks of, and with her needing cage space she generously offered him to me. He is out of two beautiful rabbits, and contains a Gold star pedigree registration with all animals being Grand Champions, and all of those being Velotta bred animals. Now that's an accomplishment ;)

Yesterday I picked up a doe who was "disposed" of on Craigslist. A couple good breeders contacted me asking if I would want her back, and of course I did :) The previous owners kept her GC certificate, registration paper and legs won. Even though all of that work was rightfully done by (ME!), they decided they wanted to keep it for whatever reason. Pedigree forgery... jealousy. You name it, there's no other reason to keep it! :) She will likely be retired as a loving pet with one of my neices or someone who truly deserves her.

Next weekend I'm picking up Posey's Amie from Canada. The Poseys had to sell out, and where Nicole & Lisa grabbed up a lot of the very best animals, I had the wonderful opportunity to grab Amie. I've never had a Posey rabbit, but I do know that they use a lot of Milkhouse/Velotta in their stock, so I'm sure someway it will relate back to the herd to offer us something new to work with. Pictures will come when I get her home :)

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