Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well...... Bring it on

So today is Sunday, the day before school starts.
And yes, Oregon university schools start at the end of September, we are weird, we know.

I start my 2nd year up here, I am almost a junior credit wise and I still don't know what I want to do with my college career.

I had an advising appointment on Friday with a different department, Agriculture Education. Where it sounded intriguing in May, it still stands in my "number one" career interest spot, so I'm just going to follow through with it. It's not a lot of extra work, just a few extra classes to fill the basic requirements and pre-licensure core.

In all of the years that I spent thinking 'what I would be when I grew up', becoming a teacher never occured to me, I never even considered it. But, I do realize, I love interacting with kids, and I love teaching, which is really the reason I became a 4-H leader! So I guess it's in me, its possible and it's within my reach. Here goes to the next four years!

Anyways, tomorrow is pretty easy, classes @ 9 and 10 am and a short Livestock Evaluation meeting at 3.

And.... It's my 20th birthday tomorrow, and I have to go to school... great eh? :)

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