Thursday, September 24, 2009

Junior Selections

I love how 53 yielded babies, just 6 of them will make it to convention.

1 SJB - Matthew
1 SJD - Brianna
2 BJD's - Ashlyn & Lila (for sale)
2 BJB's - Henry & Money Maker (for sale)

I made some cull selections out of Kristie, Taylor and Melinda's litters.

I got rid of a SJB out of Taylors litter, a SJD & 2 SJB's out of Kristie's litter, and three from Melinda's litter.... I also got rid of Chestnut & Theodore's little broken doe, and Tessa and Kiah... I could not pose them at all and Henry is just so nice it wouldn't be advisable to keep a doe too.

After all of that... I am down to 29 (including babies). Several of those I will chuck when they get older and make my permanent selections and some of them are for sale. I am keeping just under 20 until the spring.


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