Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home sweet Home!

The Crescent City show went well. I can't say excellent but it wasn't a complete disaster.

Obnoxious took BOSB in two shows, to pick up her 3rd & 4th legs. I don't suppose I need to show her anymore, she proved her self by going on the show table after a big litter! Thedore took BOV in the 3rd show for his 3rd leg to Grand. Theodore has just lost his show gleam, so I'd like to get another litter from him and move him on. Matthew took 1st in all of his classes, but that big beefy senior buck was just too good to beat. Brianna, took 1st in 4/5 of her classes. And even a BOSB in Show C? I know BOSV for sure and I'm highly sure BOSB, so I'll wait for the show report to post that one. All judges RAVED over Rylee and especially Brianna and Matthew, and at only 3 months old to get those comments, I know my feelings are correct about them in sending them to Nationals.
LHHR's Swimmer went BOB in one of the shows and LHHR's Awesome Affair 'Jack' won BOV's and BOB in the Youth show, I don't know a total of legs these boys have won but it's up there. :) Congrats Lacey!

I sold two rabbits... lets just say this new breeder got an *especially* good deal, so I hope they realized it and appreciated it because I felt horrible about it. But that's two more holes down, and seniors I didn't have to cull.

Monday morning I headed back up to Corvallis. Traffic was good most of the way on Labor Day and started to clog just after Eugene. I transported a rabbit up there, and have some transports on my way back home next week.

Monday I just put stuff in the house and relaxed. Hung out with friends and watched a movie. Tuesday was entirely unpacking and organizing. The job would be SO much easier if I wasn't OCD, but when it comes to decorating and organizing 4 girls's stuff in an already small house, you have to look on the bright side and be OCD! Did some shopping and laundry.
Yesterday, I had an interview at 9am at the Dairy. There are 20 students applying for 3 positions, so just trying to be optimistic but will be job shopping again this afternoon. I really need a job, being a college kid trying to stay out of debt in this economy, let me say that again... IT's HARD and I had to be an idiot to even attempt to go to college right now. But I'm making it, and making the best of it.... so splitting expenses with 3 other girls is a GREAT idea... it helps with rent/electricity/internet and food. Sometimes we'll even split books if we have the same courses.

I plan on sending out my Stockton entry today, because I don't know when our internet will arrive. We ordered it yesterday and it takes 3-5 days to get here, so being positive, it *could* be here Friday, but more like Monday or Tuesday. I'm not going to show much, because I will be hopefully registering a lot and working on selling my animals. I think I will just be showing a trio of juniors. Brianna, Matt and either Money Maker or Lila. I can do DOS entries for the specialty, so I'm not too worried on that one.

Until Stockton.... :)

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