Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All Rabbit Business

I was finally able to get some information and pictures from my parents about my rabbits :)

I had been asking for pictures on the black from Easy Summer Breeze and Stitch. She is a solid black who got nest box eye, but is perfectly fine for a breeding doe. Priced to sell, she actually has a pretty nice body!

Zeus, Hera and Hades were weighed, none of them are overweight or even close to it, so my 5 1/2 ounces strict feeding ration helped them out! (they have BIG parents!). They may mature later, but right now they are holding out almost 7 months old and 5 3/4 and 6 1/4 lbs. They are not molting, and my dad said they are in good flesh. They have been on Fibre 3 long enough for it to effect them, and it has not! The pictures I recieved show they are in good show condition, but they are not posed. I can somewhat gather that they look just like they did Jan 1st, only with a bit more weight on them. I want to thank Karyn for taking them to Myrtle Point and thanks to Vanessa who's going to show them in the Quad show that weekend. I'm sending out my entry in the morning.

My parents also sent pictures of Dignified's litter. The sable chinchilla is doe, then there is a bkn chinchilla and a bkn chestnut and those are bucks. They are almost 4 lbs at 2 months old!!! Two of these will be available. Price is likely to go up with age, so reserve them early ;)

Ex. Getaway's two chestnuts are pretty good lookin at 4 1/2 lbs each, and they are a month older than the litter above. The buck will be available for/at Mini Lop Nationals

Summer has 8 babies that are about 3 - 3 1/2 lbs each. I wont know any ideas of these guys until March 20th or later.

I am purchasing two rabbits around Mini Lop Nationals. One doe, sometime this spring, from Nicole. And the other I will post more later on, will come home from Mini Lop Nationals. Summer will be leaving on the way back from Mini Lop Nationals. I would still like to sell Ex. Getaway and Mozzerella for Nationals.... I need to work on advertising them.

I've decided since I probably won't get the internship, to plan big for this summer. I will be needing some more cages. I'm really regreting selling all my cages this last summer but I thought it would prevent me from getting over my max number of rabbits. I will have over 11 does to breed this summer, so I can replace them and get some juniors for Convention. I'll work on that over spring break.

3 more weeks :) I'm getting pretty excited to go home and see my bunnies :)

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