Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rickreall Round Up

Today was my first show as a 4-H leader... It felt very weird not to compete and to watch my kids compete.

I leased my pet Holland Doe out to one of my 4-H'ers who has yet to find a showmanship rabbit. She used Roxy and won a blue in Showmanship and a Blue in Conformation and Reserve Champion (out of a good # of Hollands).

My other 4-H'ers all won Blues in Showmanship and in Conformation. One of my novice Juniors won Reserve Champion with her Polish!

One of my juniors bought a junior Polish because he can't handle his 7 lb Mini Lop very well.

There was also CAT showmanship there (and poultry and cavies of course) but it was interesting.

Onto Yamhill in two weeks! I'm judging there... I'm very nervous.... I've never been "officially" hired as a showmanship and conformation judge even though I've done it at various fair and pre-fairs before... I got a good idea though on what I'll ask and do...

I'm done feeding steers for the weekend. I fed Thursday morning (man that was hard!) and Friday night. Tomorrow we are going out to the two OSU owned ranches and look at the cows. On Monday we are weighing and photographing again. We're then going to recalculate and see average daily gains and much more information :)

Roxy relaxing after the show :)

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